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To Make Travel Reservations

To Register for Travel Insurance
What to do in an Emergency while traveling (Doc)
What is an emergency?
  • Any hospitalization – no matter how brief
  • Rape, sexual assault
  • Crime
  • Severe psychological problems
  • Natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes)
  • Civil unrest / terrorist attacks / outbreak of war
Responding to Emergencies:
  1. Seek appropriate medical care (medical emergency) or safe location.
  2. Notify the UC Travel Assist Provider United Health Care Global (UCHG) and UC Merced Risk Services and your department of your location and status.
    • UC Travel Assist Provider Emergency contact numbers:
      •  1-410-453-6330 (From outside the U.S.)
      •  1-866-451-7606 (From U.S. and Canada)
    • UC Merced Risk Services Office:
  3. The Travel Insurance provider and UC Merced Risk Services will coordinate details and action, including notifying the State Department or local authorities regarding a safety emergency.

UC Travelers Insurance Claim Forms

Travel Assist Provider Services