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Events and Activities

A Special Event can be any event that occurs outside the day-to-day operations of the University. Special Events are usually short-term, but expose the institution to a wide variety of significant risks both direct and indirect. Examples of Special Events include fundraisers, graduations, concerts, festivals, carnivals, sporting/athletic events, political events, conferences, camps, film/TV productions, etc. These recommended systemwide guidelines apply to events sponsored by UC Departments, registered student organizations, third parties and jointly sponsored events. Individual campuses are encouraged to adapt this checklist to satisfy all local requirements.

Ensuring a safe and successful event involves preparation and planning. One of the first steps in the preparation process is to identify and assess the risks associated with a particular event. To assist you in this process, and with addressing the risks once they are identified, it is advisable to involve experts from a variety of areas. A checklist of potential risks and the departments that will be able to offer advice/assistance is linked below. Please click “Controlling Event Risks” on the left menu for more detailed information on each item described in the checklist.

Event Risks Checklist